Geographical location and history

Since time immemorial, “Baixo Alentejo” has been the area in Portugal associated with excellence in olive groves. The windmill and the winery of Lagar do Vale are found in the locality of Serpa and our rich olive grove plantations are spread across the most fertile...

The vision of Lagar do Vale

Lagar do Vale backs the investment in modern and irrigated olive groves that has been undertaken, in a symmetric relationship between the natural environment and modern operating techniques.
Being one of the main actors in the movement of the consolidation of the sector,...

Consumer well-being with a full guarantee

Lagar do Vale, owing to the wide range of varieties grown in Baixo Alentejo, produces olive oils with flavours adapted to all of our consumers’ tastes, from extra virgin olive oils with a smoother and more delicate fruity taste to well-balanced medium ...

We stand for sustainability and respect for the environment

Respect a way of living; involve man in his environment; this can only be achieved with respect for the environment. At Lagar do Vale, we understand the importance of protecting our flora and fauna so as to benefit the olive grove. This is achieved by correctly...

People, the greatest value of Lagar do Vale

We are proud to be olive growers, to continue in the wake of our ancestors, the feeling of all of us who are part of this land and the people who dedicate all their passion to the olive grove...

In Hoc Signo Vinces

The legend says that, in the 16th century, Simões do Val was surprised upon receiving a silver cruzado [an old Portuguese coin] having served his master, King Manuel I of Portugal, for years. On seeing the confusion in Simões’ face, the King said, with a smile: “Within that coin, you will find your way”...

Coração do Vale


A timeless



Coração do Vale Classic is an extra virgin olive oil that is obtained from olives selected in turning (half green and half mature). With this degree of maturity, high quality olive oils that are harmonious and balanced are obtained.


An exclusive



Is an extra virgin olive oil coming from olives selected with a degree of low maturity. These olives, by being harvested early, provide low oil results. However, and in return, fragrant olive oils are obtained with a high content of anti-oxidant compounds


The soul of

your kitchen


Coração do Vale Virgin is an olive oil that is especially recommended for frying due to its high oleic acid content. It is an olive oil with a nutritional value and a stability that is far greater than other seed oils which strengthen the taste of foodstuffs.

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