Extra Virgin
Olive Oil


Coração Classic

Coração do Vale Classic is an extra virgin olive oil that is obtained from olives selected in turning (half green and half mature).
With this degree of maturity, high quality olive oils that are harmonious and balanced are obtained.

It is an olive oil that, due to its sensory characteristics,
is particularly recommended for people who are beginning their consumption of extra virgin olive oil.
It can be used raw as well as for frying.


The cold extraction of all our olive oils allows for a high content in aromatic compounds and
phenolic compounds. These last ones are extremely healthy as they delay cellular ageing and act as
protectors in the face of oxidation.




Fruity mature olive oil with a herbaceous base in nose. Among other tones, mostly fruity ones, those which remind us of apple, banana and, to a lesser extent, tomato plant stand out.

Nuts, such as almond and hazelnut, typical of the variety, are also noted with clarity.


On the palate, it is fluid, extremely sweet and almond-like. A harmonious olive oil at every stage of tasting.


Fruity Green/Mature 5,7
Bitter 2,5
Spicy 3
Sweet 4,8
Herbs 3,9

Apple Green/Mature  3,9
Dry Nuts (Almond and Hazelnut) 4.4
Leaf 3
Green/Mature Banana 2,9