Extra Virgin
Olive Oil


Coração Exclusive

Is an extra virgin olive oil coming from olives selected with a degree of low maturity.

They are usually more intense and fruity, it is recommended for more demanding palates and its raw use in order to make the most of all its nutritional advantages.



The cold extraction of all our olive oils allows for a high content in aromatic compounds and phenolic compounds. These last ones are extremely healthy as they delay cellular ageing and act as protectors in the face of oxidation.


de Cata


Fruity green of great aromatic complexity and strength in which the fruit tones are combined elegantly and remind us of green apple and banana, olive leaf, fresh herbs and vegetables, such as artichoke and tomato plant. A base of fresh basil and fig leaf is also noted.


The palate entry is sweet with mild bitter and spicy and an aftertaste of green almond. Olive oil with great personality and persistence.


Green Fruity 7,3
Bitter 3,8
Spicy 3,5
Sweet 4
Herbs 4
Leaf 5,3

Green Apple 4,7
Green banana 3,9
Green Almond 4
Tomato Plant 3,3
Aromatic Plants (Basil) 3,8