The legend says that, in the 16th century, Simões do Val was surprised upon receiving a silver cruzado [an old Portuguese coin] having served his master, King Manuel I of Portugal, for years. On seeing the confusion in Simões’ face, the King said, with a smile: “Within that coin, you will find your way”.

It was a small inheritance for his two children, who complained about their luck after all the years of their father’s travelling, adventures and work. Simões do Val spent the days pondering: What should I do with one cruzado? What did my master mean with such an enigmatic phrase? Simões spent long hours wondering and looking at the coin while absorbed in his thoughts, until he saw the Latin caption on the coin “IN HOC SIGNO VINCES” and the solution suddenly appeared to him.


Simões exchanged the silver cruzado for new olives, which he planted in his small family property, in Serpa, beside the Guadiana Valley in Baixo Alentejo. During the final years of his life, he worked with zeal alongside his children in the olive groves, informing them of everything he knew about growing olives and making olive oil. They worked hard to learn the best techniques for working in the olive plantation as well as in the windmill. Bit by bit, the business began growing by selling its olive oil in the neighbouring areas and its traditional knowledge was passed down from generation to generation until today.

IN HOC SIGNO VINCES “With this sign, you will win”, a slogan that features prominently in the philosophy of Lagar do Vale and today shines from the silver cruzado that is the symbol of our Coração do Vale brand.

A memory of our ancestors, pride in our history, our origin and our land; a tribute to the best symbol and slogan of Portugal that we join by means of our label to the extraordinary quality of our extra virgin olive oil which every day wins over the most demanding palates in every corner of the world.



the best flavour

Coração do Vale is an extra virgin olive oil, a 100% natural product, extracted solely by mechanical processes at low temperatures and which may be consumed immediately after its extraction. This unique flavour is preserved in our winery by means of the latest preservation technologies. This is the only way we can guarantee and preserve the pure juice of the olives that we harvest, keeping all their properties in the moment of packaging, making the most out of its potential quality, smoothness and subtlety.

Coração do Vale is an olive oil obtained exclusively from selected Portuguese olives, all of which come from the “cradle” of Portuguese olive groves: Baixo Alentejo, specifically in the productive valleys of the Guadiana river, with the exclusive aromas and flavours of Serpa. As such, the entire production chain is scrupulously controlled at every stage from the fruit on the olive tree to the bottle. Coração do Vale is a product of 100% Portuguese origin, with an extraordinary quality, with the nature, structure and elegance of one of the best olive oils in the world: Portuguese extra virgin olive oil.


“Coração do Vale from its origin... 100% Portugal”