The vision of

Lagar do Vale

Lagar do Vale abacks the investment in modern and irrigated olive groves that has been undertaken,
in a symmetric relationship between the natural environment and modern operating techniques.
Being one of the main actors in the movement of the consolidation of the sector, it continues along its path of growth and internationalisation by providing innovative and differentiating services.

In order to do so, we rely on the most advanced extraction technology, with technicians who are dedicated and committed to the production of native olive oil, constantly in tune with the highest

Combining tradition

and cutting edge ideas

At the forefront of the sector, with a daily processing capacity of 1,500,000 kg of olives and a storage capacity for more than 6,000,000 kg of olive oil. Operating and handling around 4,000 ha of intensive and super-intensive olive trees where the “queen” varieties of Baixo Alentejo reign: Arbequina, Cobrançosa, Picual, Cordovil, Verdeal, Frantoio y Arbosana. We bring together the ideal conditions for the consumer’s complete satisfaction, in a story of ancient art and knowledge, which includes the latest 4.0 technology.



well-being with a

full guarantee

Lagar do Vale, owing to the wide range of varieties grown in Baixo Alentejo, produces olive oils with flavours adapted to all of our consumers’ tastes, from extra virgin olive oils with a smoother and more delicate fruity taste to well-balanced medium and intense fruity flavours, that give consumers and kitchens all around the world a wide and rich range of flavours and aromas. Our EVOOs want to be a guarantee of a food product that has been subjected to the most scrupulous quality certifications.

Since 2019, we have been busy with the process of obtaining the most demanding certifications:

Implementación de la certificación
de seguridad alimentaria
IFS International Food Standard

Implementación de la norma de calidad en
gestión ISO 9001:2015

Implementación del Sistema de Gestión
Ambiental ISO 14001:2015


We stand for sustainability

and respect for the environment

Respect a way of living; involve man in his environment; this can only be achieved with respect for the environment. At Lagar do Vale, we understand the importance of protecting our flora and fauna so as to benefit the olive grove. This is achieved by correctly planning the traditional tasks of the
olive grove, the use of fertilisers of a natural and organic origin, the care and favouring of the creation of groundcovers, which form part of the natural habitat of these species. Also, we make the most of our water resources without overusing aquifers or dripping watering resources. Sub-products and residues are processed and used through our management plan, such as olive seeds, which are re-used and valued as vegetable fuel for biomass boilers, thus ending the integral cycle and minimising environmental impact.


In the windmill, all our equipment uses low-energy consumption, eco-friendly technology. We heat wáter using stone, minimising the consumption of natural resources. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on the construction of a photovoltaic facility which supplies clean energy to our facilities in a way that we shall be self-sufficient through the consumption of energy, thus reducing our carbon footprint.
At Lagar do Vale, we use the natural resources required for the production process in a sustainable way, adopting a responsible attitude towards the protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution while minimising the negative environmental impact.

“Our philosophy is to promote these values
of environmental awareness to all areas of society”

People, the greatest

value at Lagar do Vale

We are proud to be olive growers, to continue in the wake of our ancestors, the feeling of all of us who are part of this land and the people who dedicate all their passion to the olive grove.

We have inherited the privilege of living in a continuous connection with our land and having the opportunity to be able to contribute to feeding the world. We are the heirs to a way of understanding the life that we share with society. The families of olive growers that are part of Lagar do Vale are our greatest value.

“We are olive growers and we are proud of it”